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In today's interconnected world, businesses thrive on innovative strategies that seamlessly blend technology, navigate cultural complexities, and establish strong foundations across borders.

As a Digital Solutions Consultant, I'm here to elevate your business or join your team in navigating the complexities of today's global digital landscape.

My expertise spans:

- Full-stack web development with WordPress specialization

- Strategic digital marketing for enhanced online presence

- Cross-cultural business consultancy (US/Turkey markets)

- Certified sworn translation services (Turkish/English)

Whether you're a business seeking tailored digital solutions or an organization looking to strengthen your team, I offer the skills and experience to drive your success.

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Digital Solutions Consultant | US/TR Dual Citizen

Ihsan Erz

What I Do

Full-Stack Web Development

"WordPress Specialist"

Crafting responsive, user-friendly websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Expertise in WordPress development for scalable, customized solutions with seamless experiences across cultures and languages.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

"Digital Marketing Strategist"

Developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies to boost online presence and drive growth. Specializing in SEO, content marketing, social media management, email campaigns, and analytics to reach diverse global audiences effectively.

Cross-Cultural Business Consultancy

"Business Development Consultant"

Guiding companies in establishing their presence in the US or Turkey. Offering comprehensive services including LLC formation, business plan, website/app creation, full document preparation etc

Sworn Translation (TR/EN)

"Certified Sworn Translator"

Providing precise and authoritative sworn translations, notarized for legal and official documents between Turkish and English. Ensuring accuracy, confidentiality, and compliance with international standards.

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12 Years of Experience


Anadolu University,Turkey

Associate's Degree - Real Estate Management

"Gained expertise in property valuation, market analysis, and client negotiations. This knowledge enhances my ability to provide comprehensive business consultancy, particularly for clients in or adjacent to the real estate sector."

Anadolu University,Turkey

Associate's Degree - Web Design and Coding

"Acquired comprehensive skills in full-stack web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress. This program laid the foundation for my expertise in creating responsive, user-centric websites and developing custom themes and plugins."

Anadolu University,Turkey

Bachelor's Degree - Public Administration

"Gained a strong understanding of governance, policy analysis, and public sector dynamics. This knowledge enhances my cross-cultural business consultancy services, particularly in guiding companies to establish their presence in US and Turkey markets."

Mercy College,New york

International Business College Credits

"Studied International Business, acquiring knowledge crucial for my role as a Digital Solutions Consultant.
This background supports my ability to navigate cultural complexities and provide strategic guidance for businesses operating across borders."


Turkish Notary

Certified Sworn Translator (EN/TR)

"Obtained certification as a Sworn Translator, enabling me to provide precise and authoritative translations for legal and official documents between Turkish and English, ensuring accuracy, confidentiality, and compliance with international standards."

California Department of Real Estate

Real Estate Salesperson

"Passed the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam, demonstrating proficiency in real estate principles, laws, and practices. This qualification complements my business consultancy services, offering insights into property-related transactions and regulations."

Stone River Academy

Web Development | Version 3.0

"Advanced program expanding expertise in modern web development technologies, focusing on creating innovative and user-centric digital solutions. This certification complements my Associate's Degree and supports my role as a WordPress Specialist and Full-Stack Web Developer."

Stone River Academy

Graphic Design

"Mastered design principles, visual communication, and creative software tools. This certification enhances my ability to create visually compelling digital content, supporting my role as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Web Developer."


Founder & Certified Sworn Translator

   - Founded and manage a successful translation services agency specializing in Turkish-English translations

   - Provide precise and authoritative sworn translations for legal and official documents

   - Ensure accuracy, confidentiality, and compliance with international standards

   - Collaborate with clients across diverse industries, including legal, medical, and business sectors

   - Developed a network of professional translators to handle high-volume projects and multiple language pairs

   - Implemented quality control processes to maintain exceptional standards in all translations

   - Increased client base by 30% annually through excellent service and word-of-mouth referrals

Founder, Web Developer & Digital Marketing Strategist

   - Founded and lead a digital marketing agency, providing comprehensive solutions to clients across the US and Turkey

   - Develop responsive, user-centric websites using WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

   - Create custom themes, integrate plugins, and optimize performance for seamless web experiences

   - Implement comprehensive digital marketing strategies to boost clients' online presence and drive growth

   - Specialize in SEO, content marketing, social media management, and analytics for diverse global audiences

   - Guide companies in establishing their digital presence in US and Turkey markets

   - Offer expertise in cross-cultural business consultancy, including LLC formation and business plan development

   - Increased agency's client portfolio by 40% in the first year through targeted marketing and high-quality deliverables

   - Stay current with emerging technologies and best practices in web development and digital marketing

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